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ASTL provides eight DFA containers sharing the same interface. They have homogeneous interfaces and behaviors but heterogeneous implementations and complexities allowing to choose at utilization time which one fits best the situation. The following piece of code declares a variety of containers :
#include <astl.h>
#include <dfa.h>
#include <string>

int main() 
  DFA_map<> A1; 
  DFA_matrix<range<char, 'A', 'Z'> > A2;
  DFA_tr<range<int, 0, 1023> > A3;
  DFA_mtf<french, std::string> A4;
  DFA_hash<std::char_traits<char> > A5;
  DFA_bin<ASCII, int> A6;
The declaration of A1 uses the template default parameters, it is equivalent to :
DFA_map<plain, empty_tag> A1;
A5 uses the standard character traits std::char_traits as alphabet traits. It can be used to instanciate all containers except DFA_matrix and must only be used with builtin types alphabets.

Vincent Le Maout 2003-07-08